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Kids Corner Childcare has seven classrooms, each a separate room that allows for calm teacher direction and a smaller class size.

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Each classroom has social skill goals as well as academic goals. The first five years are extremely important to developing communication skills, problem-solving, sharing, co-op play, empathy, emotional development, and self control.  These skills are learned through play, social interaction and adult examples, both in and out of the home. Kids Corner’s goal is for all classrooms to be a home away from home where they are free to learn, grow and develop in a safe and caring environment.




6 weeks to 3 months

Our Infant program is designed to stimulate the five senses and plant the seeds of future success across all areas of development. 

Toddler with Wooden Toys


12 months to 18 months


We focus on balanced and adventurous exploration, opportunities for peer social engagement, and an introduction to teacher-guided instruction,

Image by Senjuti Kundu


18 to 23 months

We provide age-appropriate abilities to ensure our youngest learners remain engaged without pressure or frustration.

Licking Baking Mixture


24 months to 36 months

Our toddler program is designed to foster the childhood need to explore both physically and cognitively.

Kid Painting


3-3 1/2 years

We work to inspire cognitive, creative, and social advances while respecting the young age of participants.

Young Painter


3 1/2-5 years

We create new experiences and challenging projects that will inspire them to follow their interests and think outside the box.

Children's Race

School Age

5 -12 years

We offer a wide variety of fun and engaging activities for children aged 5-12.  Our qualified, creative, thoughtful, team of staff create and implement activities and foster positive relationships and a love of learning and play.

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